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Hi, thank you for visiting my page. Here is a brief of my timeline, I was born on June 12, 1981 in Tawau. I am my parents first born son and a brother to 4 sisters. I've studied and now working in the field of Information Technology.

In terms of music, I have never went to any proper music school and I'm not a full time musician. I only started to learn some guitar back in 1995 at my church at the age of 14, and continued to learn by myself. Started to play music in church children ministry in 1997. And now I'm a church musician and worship leader. I received Christ as my God and Savior somewhere around the age of 12 to 15 during a Church Youth Camp (I just couldn't remember exactly when it was, I have many memory lost. But I believe that this is probably because I did it more than one time). As in the picture, I was confirmed in 1996. The only thing that I could remember is, when the church announced about a guitar lesson. That was the turning point where I have started to really want to go to church. I bring my guitar and rides bus to church every Saturday since then. I've been to Sunday School since I was small but I wasn't really understood yet. I was crippled for about 2 years since I was 12, I was hiding it from other people. I was healed after prayed by a pastor in church. The healing did not took place at that very moment, It was only happen in the evening after I get home. I was trying to move my legs against the ordinary positions, and that was the breakthrough moment. I know that everything that has happened in my life was not coincident, but it is how God bring us to Him. The process of growing in faith is not just for a certain time, but it is a continuous process, learning to be better for our lifetime.

My interest in songwriting started around 1997 and 1999. Once I was given a chance to write a theme song in Malay for a Children Ministry Camp at my church. The time that I was given to finish the song was too short (within a week) and it was not very successful. In the beginning I was planning to form a band. But after a while, I gave up and continue to write songs by myself and serving as a musician at church. All the experiences that I've gain, serving as a musician in church, was more than just music knowledge, but a relationship with God. I have learned to know him more and more everyday from His words, even until today. I have learned to live by faith and not by sight. Flesh is weak, but our heart and soul will never lie.

In 2009, I have started to learn some home recording and share my music in the my ReverbNation page. Until today, I'm still learning to make home recording and also still learning to write songs and music.


Read more here or view more of my oldies photo.


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